Rotating Machinery

We design, select and manufacture the optimal solution for your application. Our broad and special rotating fluid displacement range includes efficient and robust multistage centrifugal, turbo, positive displacement, side channel blowers, peristaltic hose pumps and fans fit for your purpose.

CONTINENTAL INDUSTRIE multistage centrifugal blowers ranging from 200 Nm3/h to 45.000 Nm3/h.

Differential pressure up to 1,5 bar.

Installed power up to 1.700 Kw.

The Continental Industrie TC type radial turbo compressors are modern flow machines for compression of large quantities of air or gas from 1,500 to 60,000 m³/h with pressure up to 2.5 bar g.

FPZ a world class manufacturer of side channel blowers

  • Capacity up to 1022 m³/hr (50Hz) / 1234 m³/hr (60Hz)
  • Ambient temperature from -15 to +40°C
  • Max pressure : + 500 mbar / – 350 mbar
  • Installed power from  0,2 to 22 kW

Pedro Gil, Recognized internationally as manufacturers of ROOTS positive displacement blowers, pumps and vacuum systems.

The RNT blower is also known as the pulsation dampening, high frequency three-lobe blower. Its rotating pistons have three sealed lobes, dynamically balanced within a forged housing. This housing includes a specific system in the discharge function which allows progressive compression and therefore a reduction in vibration where it occurs.

Yujin is a world leading supplier of Mining and industrial fans ranging from:

  • 50 – 50,000 Air Volume (㎥/min)
  • 0 – 450 Static Pressure (mmAq)

Busch Mink claw compressors have been specially developed for the reliable compression of air and other gases. Modern Mink claw technology ensures an efficient and constant overpressure supply for numerous industrial applications of up to 2.0 bar(g) and 500 m³/h

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